Thursday, June 7th, 11:00 – 11:50 AM at Riverside Park United Methodist Church, 819 Park Street, Jacksonville, 32204 More about Bold City Contemporary Ensemble We are a group of classically trained musicians who believe passionately that our tradition can be sucessfully continued through the performance of very new music.  For all those who say classical music is dying, we vehemently disagree and prove the opposite is true through a series of engaging, outside-the-box performances.  Think you know classical music and how we play? Think again! Modular in design, the ensemble ranges in size from 2–13 players, accommodating instrumentation for a variety of newly composed works.  Our flexibility is an asset as we travel locally inside Jacksonville and nationally to serve communities and interests that are drastically under-exposed to the arts. Without the constant, strict formality of a concert-hall, we interact with our listeners to create an immersive, all-sensory experience.

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