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We teach students of all ages how to be better musicians, stressing performance skills such as musical interpretation, individual discipline and teamwork. Prelude Chamber Music, Inc., is a charitable organization of seasoned professional symphony and chamber musicians who instruct at a summer camp and music festival for talented youth and adults in Northeast Florida and offer local performance experiences and mentoring programs in our communities throughout the year. Our founders and instructors are often members of the Jacksonville Symphony or are in other similar music professions who want to give back to the community and share the love of fine music making.

Our mission is to cultivate new opportunities for music education through our chamber ensemble work in Northeast Florida. We offer enriching programs that allow students to share in the special joy of small ensembles and gain access to qualified professional musicians and community venues.

We give musicians at every level an opportunity to experience chamber music in a positive and non-competitive way, and to enjoy chamber music now as students, and throughout their lives. We encourage our students to be life-long learners and to pursue their passions for music with community involvement.

Our main event is the Prelude Chamber Music Festival each summer in Jacksonville, Florida.


Now in our 17th season, we continue to provide outstanding music education and community service, and are working to raise funds to support our community outreach events and chamber music education programs.

The next Prelude Chamber Music Festival is scheduled for  June 3rd – 10th, 2018, in Jacksonville, Florida. This is an incredible opportunity for students to learn from some of the area’s leading music teachers. Many of the instructors are also members of the Jacksonville Symphony. Special guests and instructors teach master classes on intensive topics such as interpretation, theory and ensemble performance. Music camp is for everyone, all levels of musicians from beginners to professionals, and is geared for small ensemble study and performances. In order to organize students into tracks and levels that fit his/her current needs and abilities, each student auditions for placement only. The festival is a main attraction for talented youth in the Northeast Florida area. Each year funds are raised to foster outreach programs and to bring in more students who otherwise would not have had the means or the opportunity to experience music education in this inviting and well-organized environment that encourages students to move beyond current abilities and demonstrate their best.

In addition to our summer camp/festival, we send ensembles to perform outreach programs in community gatherings, retirement centers, nursing homes, and other public venues. We also organize mentoring programs with adults and youngsters playing chamber music together.  And we help to publicize concerts of interest presented by the Beaches & Riverside Fine Arts Series, the Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens, the Friday Musicale, Ritz Chamber Music Society, The Florida Chamber Music Project, St. Augustine Chamber Music Festival, Amelia Island Chamber Music Festival and by all our community schools and universities – just to name a few.

Prelude Chamber Music, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501c3 charitable organization and was founded in 2002 by three colleagues from the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra: Christopher Chappell, Violinist; Vernon Humbert, Cellist; and Jeanne Majors, Violinist.

PCM2015GroupPrelude Chamber Music Festival provides engaging experiences for small and large ensembles; opportunities for students to try out new instruments such as bass, viola, hand bells, guitar, percussion; theory classes; and master classes. Our organization brings in guest faculty and chamber groups to put on special events and present notable soloists. Aside from performing traditional and classical chamber music, you will hear our campers working with unusual or original chamber combinations and involving local jazz musicians. During camp and throughout the year, we showcase concerts with performances by the students that are open to the public. You will also find us teaching Weekend Workshops for students and adult chamber music players; coaching various ensembles; teaching master classes;  creating opportunities to perform in informal recitals; and assisting in the promotion of music programs presented by other community organizations.

Listen to Summer Music composed by Piotr Szewczyk for Prelude Chamber Music, performed by Prelude Chamber Music Faculty.



Thank You Vega Quartet – 2015

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Concerts and Performances Commentary, Our Teachers, Prelude Chamber Music, Sharing the Love, Testimonials, Vega Quartet | 0 comments

Dear Yinzi and Vega Quartet,

We are very grateful to you all for participating in Prelude with such care for our students and for your stunning performance. We loved having you here. I know this was something our students will remember their whole lives.
Thanks again,
Chris and all the Prelude faculty

Successful Extended Day – Expression is Elementary

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Music Education Commentary, Our Teachers, Prelude Chamber Music, Testimonials | 0 comments

Often, we focus so much on playing our instruments well or learning a new technique that we forget to have fun and embody what we mean, to tell the story we meant to tell. At Prelude Chamber Music, we teach that emotions and expression are a really important facet of music appreciation and performance. For our younger kids in 2015, we added a new enrichment program for the late afternoon hours providing more exploratory ways to grow expressively through music and visual story-telling. What started out as a way to help our families that needed a later pick up time option in order for their children to be able to participate in our music camp, quickly blossomed into a big hit. Kids enjoyed finding new ways to connect their mood and story ideas with a visual interpretation of their emotions and a little acting. We thank our donors who saw a need and stepped up to help! Meet Gigi and Learn more about Art & Story. 

Enjoying the new Intensive Week

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“My son attended Prelude Intensive track this year. He seemed to enjoy the program this year even more than last year.” – Carol

Good chamber music experience

Posted by on Sep 30, 2015 in Music Education Commentary, Our Teachers, Prelude Chamber Music, Testimonials, Uncategorized | 0 comments

“This being our first year, we were excited about being a part of the camp. The chamber group was great, and my kids said that it was a good learning experience.” – Joy

We Love Prelude Chamber Music – Trio and Quartet Inspiration

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“My children, ages 15 and 12, have attended Prelude Chamber Music Camp every year they were age-eligible. Initially, the greatest benefits were to work with and get to know our fine Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra musicians and to meet peer string players from a larger area than our youth symphony attracts. Then there was the obvious – the rare opportunity to play in small ensembles. The exposure to the rich string quartet literature and the specialized skills gained from performing chamber music have enhanced my children’s musicianship and love of their instruments. They were inspired to start their own trios and quartets! We have returned to camp, year after year, because it has grown with the children. The addition of master classes and performances with world renowned quartets, such as the Dover Quartet and Vega Quartet, has elevated the camp to new levels. It is a huge privilege to learn from these accomplished young role models in a friendly setting where they are approachable and eager to share. Thanks to its founder and longtime Jacksonville resident, Jeanne Majors, Prelude Chamber Music Camp embodies that big, small-town character that makes Jacksonville special. It is a blessing to have a camp of such high caliber so close to home.” – Elizabeth Maddox

Comments about Prelude Chamber Music Camp & Festival 2013-2015

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Prelude Chamber Music, Testimonials, Uncategorized | 1 comment

Let us know what you think about Prelude Chamber Music Camp & Festival 2013-2015 . Write a comment to us and we’ll review it and share it. Thank you!

Dover Quartet gave an amazing and educational performance

Posted by on Jun 19, 2014 in Dover Quartet, Music Education Commentary, Uncategorized | 0 comments

The Dover Quartet joined us at Prelude Chamber Music Camp last week to teach some master classes and offered valuable feedback to our musicians at camp. Several students told us the feedback was the best they’ve heard – they really liked the constructive criticism and the way they delivered it. Milena, Camden, Joel and Bryan shared their performance experiences, comedic commentary and detailed visual descriptions to help  convey how to play and emote expressions with their instrument like a voice, stressed how to work together as a team coaching students on how to lay a foundation and build on it, how to stay true to the composition, how to accentuate in a clever and meaningful way, how to entertain and energize their performances, and much more. I sat in on one class and heard the distinct difference of how they played before their feedback and was impressed to hear the quick improvements the performers made with the distinct yet subtle adjustments guided by the Dover’s encouragement, visual feedback and demonstration.   The Dover Quartet also gave an amazing public concert on Tuesday night (June 10th) full of intrigue and fresh energy. The concert was well-attended by about 225 people in the community. First Coast Connect introduced the Dover Quartet earlier that morning and Milena talked a bit about when she was younger, living in Jacksonville, and how much she learned from being a student at the Prelude Chamber Music Camp. The camp continues to bring in new musicians and talented accomplished musicians alike that simply want to grow as a musician and share chamber music with their friends and/or groom their ensemble. The Dover Quartet is invited back anytime. They were also invited to come back and appear on WJCT’s Electro Lounge, so listen in and you may hear them again soon. It’s been a busy two weeks with camp still in swing, but stay tuned and we’ll be posting lots of videos and photos in the coming weeks.

Music for Food Benefit

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Help us fight against local hunger! Prelude Chamber Music would like to host a Music for Food benefit concert featuring faculty and students. We would accept local donations and sponsors. Those who attend could make donations and a large portion of the proceeds will go to Second Harvest to help feed our hungry in Northeast Florida. We are looking for a place to host the event, caterers and to set a date. If anyone is interested in helping us secure a place to host or other ideas for sharing the gift of music so that others might eat, please let us know. The Dover String Quartet is an advocate of Music for Food programs and will be coming to Jacksonville in June. You might also check out a successful Music for Food program that operates in Boston at

Thoughts on Music Education for Children and Teens

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PBS covers an L.A. group called Project Harmony that is delivering music education and training to low socioeconomic groups of children and has enlisted the help of a neurobiologist to illustrate the proof that music education benefits children’s learning abilities, language and literacy skills, and improves concentration. What do you think about music education? How valuable is it to you and your family?