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Posted on Feb 5, 2014 in Music and Food Pairing, Music Education Commentary, Music For Food Jacksonville, Uncategorized

Music for Food Benefit

Help us fight against local hunger! Prelude Chamber Music would like to host a Music for Food benefit concert featuring faculty and students. We would accept local donations and sponsors. Those who attend could make donations and a large portion of the proceeds will go to Second Harvest to help feed our hungry in Northeast Florida. We are looking for a place to host the event, caterers and to set a date. If anyone is interested in helping us secure a place to host or other ideas for sharing the gift of music so that others might eat, please let us know. The Dover String Quartet is an advocate of Music for Food programs and will be coming to Jacksonville in June. You might also check out a successful Music for Food program that operates in Boston at

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Posted on Nov 7, 2013 in Music and Food Pairing

Music to Eat

Two things in life that must be experienced whole heartedly are music and eating. We’d love to see your ideas on dinner plans, coffee or other fine sipping moments paired with your choice of Yummy Music to Eat!

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