When: April 6th and 7th, 2019

Where: Riverside Park United Methodist Church at 819 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Who: Any music camp person who wishes to participate in either Prelude or Intensive Tracks must complete the placement audition. Primary Track participants do not need to come to the placement audition, unless the purpose is to try for the Prelude Track placement. If you have any questions, contact Jeanne Majors.

If you registered for Prelude or Intensive Tracks, you will be sent an email including the time for your placement audition.  

Live auditions are preferable, but we understand if you have a conflict. If you are unable to audition in person, please notify us ahead of time and provide Jeanne Majors with a YouTube link to your audition video prior to the audition day.

How should you prepare for your Placement Audition? 

  1. If you study privately, please confer with your teacher for a solo excerpt that displays your current abilities and musicianship. If you are part of school instruction only, please select an excerpt of an etude or special song you think will show us the level of your playing abilities and musicianship. Applicants for Intensive Track should prepare two contrasting pieces representing his/her level of development. We will hear a minimum of two minutes from each piece. Sight reading will be required.
  2. If you are coming to Prelude Chamber Music Festival with a preformed ensemble, you may audition together or might choose to play separately – your choice. Whatever you choose, be sure that we know your group, so that we can schedule you together for audition and/or camp!
  3. In addition to a solo excerpt, you will be asked to sight-read a brief selection and possibly to play a major scale with good tone and intonation.
  4. Be sure to get a good night’s rest before your placement audition and come expecting to “warm-up” on your instrument for a few minutes before playing your audition.
  5. At the audition, you will also take a brief theory placement exam – shouldn’t take more that 15 minutes.  It’s just what you know now, so it’s not something to worry about.  Prelude Track members will all have theory class and Intensive Track members may elect a composition class.
  6. Also, at your audition, you may select your Elective choices Choices will be provided to you at placement auditions.  You may choose first, second, and third preferences.
  7. If you pre-arranged to send a YouTube video, please make sure to record your video, publish it and make it Public. Then, provide the link to Jeanne Majors in an email before the audition date.

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