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Piano Trio in C Minor Op. 66, Finale: Allegro, Felix Mendelssohn, performed by Leila Warren, Violin; Sophia Schlenoff, Cello; Matthew Phan, Piano; Coaches: Melissa Barrett, Lynne Radcliffe: Prelude Chamber Music 2021 Friday Finale Concert (v1920x1280), performed on Friday, July 23, 2021 at Friday Musicale in Jacksonville, FL.

“Tremors” by Aadhivan Ramkumar was the 1st prize winning composition in the Young Composers Competition at the Prelude Chamber Music Festival 2021 at Friday Musicale in Jacksonville, FL. His winning composition is for String Quartet and is called “Tremors”. This three-movement piece depicts various natural phenomena. The first movement is called “Earthquake,” the second is “Waves,” and the last movement is “Tornado”. In “Earthquake” you can hear the disturbing rattling of a section of land. And in the final movement, you can hear the swirling “Tornado.” Aadhi’s compositions have also been performed in his home city Cincinnati, Ohio, where he studies Music at the College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) with Michael Friday and you might find him watching a Red’s game with his family and friends.

Waltz Fantasy composed by Ian Edward Peiris at Prelude Chamber Music Festival 2021  Ian Edward Peiris won 2nd place in Prelude Chamber Music’s Young Composers Competition, July 2021, for his composition of Waltz Fantasy. He is currently a student at The Bolles School in Jacksonville, Florida. Performed by Prelude Faculty Quartet: Piotr Szewczyk, violin; Stephanie Lindsay, violin; Ellen Olson, viola; Linda Minke, cello. Prelude Chamber Music Festival 2021 at Friday Musicale, Jacksonville, FL. About the composer: Ian began his message regarding his submission with the fact that he “always admired the simple, yet moving capabilities of a waltz.” So, when he first began to compose this piece, he “adopted a traditional waltz style, a bass note on the downbeat and two chords on beats 2 and 3.” His words continued, “…however, growing inspired by the inherent flexibility of a 3/4 time signature, I decided to develop a second theme (the Allegro section) as a more uplifting theme countering the original, as well as a slower, more introspective introduction (the Andante section). Thus, I entitled the piece a “Waltz Fantasy” to indicate the many styles and inspirations of a “fantasy” present tin the score.

One of the top three winning entries of the 2021 Prelude Chamber Music Young Composer’s Competition, Alex Jean Hastings gives us “RESUME.” Her prize-winning composition, “RESUME” encompasses the feeling of return to regular music performances after the 2020 pandemic. The piece begins with the longing feeling of being paused and stagnant, followed by a gradual return to movement. The motion of the piece occurs in a type of call-and-answer between instruments, symbolizing people joining back in musical activities gradually, a little at a time. The piece plays on influences such as the English folk style of Ralph Vaughan-Williams, as well as the more minimalist construction style of Philip Glass. The piece comes to an exciting and triumphant ending, almost like celebrating a victory over the past. Performed by Prelude Faculty Quartet: Piotr Szewczyk, violin; Stephanie Lindsay, violin; Ellen Olson, viola; Linda Minke, cello. Prelude Chamber Music Festival 2021 at Friday Musicale, Jacksonville, FL.

Selections from Dance Suite for Strings, composed by Sharon Scholl, Ph.D., performed by Piotr Szewczyk and Stephanie Lindsay, violins; Chris Chappell, viola; Betsy Federman, cello, at Prelude Chamber Music Festival 2021  at Friday Musicale in Jacksonville, Florida.

An excerpt from a Prelude Chamber Music 2019 Concert: Playing Claude Debussy’s Piano Trio in G major (Premier Trio en Sol) 1st movement is Alexandra Lin (13) on piano, Leila (10) on violin and Tracy Tu (8)–visiting from China!– on cello. Thank you Ana Warren for the recording.

2018 Prelude Chamber Music Posted by Prelude Chamber Music on Sunday, June 17, 2018
  • A glimpse of a Master Class with Prelude Chamber Music Intensive Track, Guest instructors Vega Quartet

  • Preview a performance by The Dover Quartet, Shostakovich Quartet No. 3 (Artosphere Festival). The Dover Quartet is coming to town to perform a free open-to-the-public concert on June 10th, 2014, at 7:00 p.m. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. Prelude Chamber Music, Inc., is organizing and hosting the concert at The Riverside Park United Methodist Church in the sanctuary among the stained glass windows and lovely acoustics. Seating is first come first serve.

  • Prelude Chamber Music, Inc., commissioned this composition, Summer Music, by symphony violinist and composer, Piotr Szewczyk.  The recording is a performance at the St. Augustine Music Festival. All the performers are faculty of Prelude Chamber Music. Performers: Piotr Szewczyk & Chris Chappell, Violins; Jorge Peña, Viola; Betsy Federman, Cello; John Wieland, Bass. Listen to Summer Music 
  • Local Composer Ed Lein composed this piece, Rumba, from “Un Dulcito”. It was performed at Prelude Chamber Music Camp 2011.


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