We will review your videos for placement auditions instead of hosting in-person auditions. 

All participants need to submit their placement audition video NO LATER THAN APRIL 15TH. 

We require that you submit your video link to us. More details included below. 

We ask that you complete your registration before you submit your audition. We will not review your audition until your deposit is completed. Deposits are due at time of registration and are considered late after April 15th. 

Please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo. In order to share the video link with us, you will need to make the privacy settings for the video be Unlisted or Public. Please copy your video link, and submit the link with your name and what you will be playing here. 

For more details and instructions on privacy settings for YouTube, you can go here for instructions on a computer or mobile device. If you need help uploading a video to YouTube, watch this video. When you’re looking at your video in YouTube or Vimeo, clicking on the Share button, will prompt you for options – one will allow you to copy the link of your video.  If you have other questions, please contact us. 

What should you include in your placement audition video? 

  • Include up to two pieces, each 2 minute excerpts of your best playing. Primary players often submit only one.
  • Include a scale. Primary players should play as best you can or up to what you know. 
  • We want to see and hear you play for a total of 4-6* minutes. *Suggestions for Primary is 2 minutes.