Prelude Chamber Music Camp & Festival 2021

teams with Friday Musicale for a week of concerts, coaching and performances

July 18th – 23rd

We will open our camp week on Sunday, July 18, 2021, at the Friday Musicale in Jacksonville, Florida, with a mini concert for our participating families and friends. All coaching sessions and camp days follow at Friday Musicale through Friday, July 23rd. Everyone is invited to the Friday Finale performed by our Prelude campers. This is an incredible opportunity for students to learn from outstanding music professionals and teachers.

At Prelude Chamber Music Camp, you’ll study and rehearse as part of a small ensemble and with our dedicated coaches and teachers. You’ll also get a chance to rehearse with your ensemble and enjoy daily special events and concerts. Daily concerts are at Noon and are also open to the public.  After all your hard work, you’ll perform as an ensemble in concerts for friends, family and our community at the end of the week at Friday Musicale, on July 23rd at 4pm. You can come to Prelude Chamber Music Camp with your own pre-formed ensemble or we’ll create one for you. We accept all levels of musicians and ages.

Many of our coaches are also members of the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra along with special guest musicians and instructors, who are invited to town to teach master classes on intensive topics such as communication, technique, interpretation, theory, composition and ensemble performance.

In order to organize everyone into small groups that fit his/her current needs and abilities, as well as complementary instrumentation, each student auditions for placement.

All strings players are invited to record your video audition and provide us the link to review by deadline. Please review details. 

Register by June 18, 2021. 

Placement Auditions require video submissions. See how to prepare and submit your audition for placement

Placement Auditions must be submitted no later than June 21st. More information at Note: All registrants must audition for placement. You may audition solo or with your pre-formed group.

Each person must register and pay the deposit before placement auditions.

Register Here

Prelude Chamber Music Concerts Schedule

All concerts free and open to the public. Please invite your friends and family!


Sunday Starter Concert

Sunday, July 18th at 4pm

Friday Musicale, 645 Oak St., Jacksonville, FL 32204


High Noon Concert / Daily Special Event

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, July 19th – 22nd at Noon

Friday Musicale, 645 Oak St., Jacksonville, FL 32204



Friday Finale Concert

Friday, July 23rd, 4pm – All Prelude Campers Showcase

Friday Musicale, 645 Oak St., Jacksonville, FL 32204



Prelude Chamber Music Camp Week

Sun., July 18, Meet & Greet  follows after Sunday Starter Concert to be held at Friday Musicale.

Mon., July 19 – Fri., July 23: Friday Musicale, 845 Oak St, Jacksonville, FL 32204. All participants need to arrive and check-in at 8:45am for morning session. The daily schedule begins at 9am for everyone.  Pick up is at 1pm daily after the High Noon Concert completes. If scheduled for the afternoon session, arrive by 11:45am, and you will start your day with us at the High Noon Concert, continuing on until 4pm pick-up. Schedules for morning or afternoon sessions will be provided after placement auditions have been completed. Note: Friday will have some schedule exceptions during the day for rehearsals prior to the Friday Finale Concert, but all will remain within the 9am-4pm schedule. 

Friday, July 23rd, Friday Finale Concert: Student Performances at Friday Musicale. Concert begins at 4pm.



Camp Benefits

Outstanding experienced faculty

4:1 (participant to coach) ratio. Structured and exploratory learning opportunities

Students may organize their own small ensemble or be assigned to an ensemble by our faculty who listens to a placement audition

Centrally located and convenient to our whole community

Provides opportunities to explore other aspects of music-making in our electives programs.

Performance opportunities for all participants during and after the festival sessions.

Partial and Full scholarships available by written request and review with camp application.

Camp Hours: 

  • Morning Session: 9am – 1pm Mon – Fri at Friday Musicale; Recital on Friday, July 23rd, 4pm, 845 Oak Street, Riverside..
  • Afternoon Session: 12:00pm – 4pm daily Mon – Fri at Friday Musicale; Recital on Friday Musicale, July 23rd, 4pm  am at Friday Musicale
  • Daily Concert: 12pm – 1pm daily concert Mon – Thur at Friday Musicale

Pricing and Tuition:

Our History

 Welcome to our 19th season of Prelude Chamber Music Camp & Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, where we’ve been teaching kids and adults the joy of chamber music since 2002.  Started by a Jacksonville Symphony violinist Jeanne Majors,  and two colleagues, Chris Chappell and Vernon Humbert, the strings chamber music camp has become an annual labor of love for Jeanne and the many musicians who teach at the camp each summer. Prelude Chamber Music Camp & Festival is open every summer to strings students of all ages and to musicians of all levels of proficiency.  Each year students participate in the summer camp and festival, and many receive generous scholarships provided by our donors.  Prelude’s alumni grow up with a greater appreciation for classical music, team work, and self-discipline. Some continue to pursue professional musical careers.

From beginners to master musicians, different small ensembles (usually 3-4 in an ensemble) are organized based on the participant registration, the instrument mix, skills, performance experience, maturity and other important small-ensemble considerations. Whether you have a pre-formed ensemble or want to be placed, there’s always a spot for you. Complementary small ensembles are carefully chosen by our organizers.

Each year funds are raised to foster outreach programs and to bring in more students who otherwise would not have had the means or the opportunity to experience music education in this inviting and well-organized environment that encourages students to move beyond current abilities and demonstrate their best.

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  1. Hi there
    My son Oskar is an 11 year old cellist—playing Suzuki book 7-8 level. Would he be able to play both morning and afternoon sessions? Thank you!

    1. Did you talk with anyone from Prelude? I found your comments buried in the spam comments, so I wanted to check and see. Talk with Jeanne Majors about next year if you didn’t attend this year. We will expand the programming a bit next summer.

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