Remembering Max Huls

Ask any string player from Jacksonville, Florida, and they will tell you story after story about how Max Huls inspired them, both as a musician and a person. Perhaps they will tell you about how his playing was so collaborative and welcoming to both the audience and his fellow musicians, or about his love of performing unaccompanied solos, or even just the way he always encouraged his students and colleagues. Max was always genuinely interested in the musical journeys of those who were around him. "What are you working on right now?" "Have you ever played these etudes?" "Are you familiar with this work?" Max was eager to help when you asked, and he was passionate about sharing the music that he loved, whether it was something he recently discovered or an old favorite. His enthusiasm was contagious, and he always left you eager to explore some new aspect of your instrument and its repertoire.

At Prelude Chamber Music Camp, we are incredibly grateful to have had Max Huls as a faculty member. We will miss him this year and every year after, but we know that his spirit of curiosity, collaboration, and joyful music making will continue to persevere in our camp and community because of his influence and inspiration.

The Max Huls Excellent Camper Award

Beginning this year, in memory of Max Huls, we will be offering an award of $500 for the advancement of musical endeavors and/or studies to a camper who exhibits preparedness, excellent group contribution, enthusiasm for the act of making music, a devotion to their music, and a momentum towards becoming a better musician – all qualities that were valued and demonstrated by Max Huls. 

Every camper is eligible for this award! Campers will be nominated by PCM faculty and staff.

If you would like to donate to this award in memory of Max Huls, you can do so on our “Make a Donation” page. 

Simply let us know that you are donating to the The Max Huls Excellent Camper Award.

Do you have a memory that you would like to share? We would love to hear your stories about Max Huls.

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