Thank you all for your hard work and devotion in your support for Prelude Chamber Music. Each year our efforts reach more and more people and we could not do it without your help and the support of the community.

Thank you for your help throughout the year!

Current Sponsors: 

Chieko Black 

Kim Butler

James Chappell

Kimberly Fisher

Doug Hargett

Peggy Hensley

Arnette Hernandez

Patricia Knowles

Elizabeth Maddox

Miriam Meiser

Bonnie Puckett

Miora Rambeloarisoa

Grace Remmer

Jennifer Remmer

Noah Stone 

To all our tireless, special and year-long laborers for Prelude Chamber Music: Thank You for all you do for us!


Thank you Patrons for all your support throughout the year and making all our work possible!

Stellar Patrons Contributed $1,000+ in 2013-2014 season:

Mrs. Ruth Conley

Dr. Walter Graham, Jr., & Mrs. Cynthia Graham

Mrs. Carolyn Munro Wilson

Woodcock Foundation for the Appreciation of the Arts

Dr. Daniel Yip & Mrs. Teresa Rodriguez-Yip

Contributing Patrons in 2013-2014 season: 

Ms. Rebecca Anding

Alpha Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma

Ashley Wilwerth Memorial Scholarship Foundation

Ms. Jody Atwood

Ms. Julie Babcock

Ms. Judith Baggett

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Bertisch

Mrs. Chieko Black

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Butler

Ms. Susan Calfee

Ms. Beverly Chapman

Mr. & Ms. Andrew Clarke

Ms. Dorothy Crews

Ms. Marion Dickson

Mrs. Ginger Dodd

ExxonMobil (matching gift)

Ms. Ria Falkner and Dr. Peter MacDonald

Ms. Belinda Felscher

Mrs. Isabel Feorello

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Fisher

Florida Association of String Teachers Association Mrs. Susan Forster

Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Gates

Dr. Stella Gourneau

Dr. & Mrs. John A. Grisnik

Ms. Sharon Grutzmacher

Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hagan

Mrs. Norma Hagan

Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Hanson, Jr.

Ms. Susan Henderson & Mr. Michael Spino

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jacoby

Mr. William Joos

Mrs. Margaret Day Julian

Mrs. Eleanor King

Mrs. Helen W. Kirklan

Ms. Patricia Knowles

Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Krosnick

Dr. & Mrs. Ross T. Krueger

Mr. & Mrs. Steven Kruer

Mr. Marvin Lazarus

Mary L’Engle Trust

Ms. Carol Lombardo

Mrs. Virginia Lovett

Mr. & Mrs. Lee W. Lyon

Mr. & Mrs. Brent Majors

Mr. Henson Markham

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Martin

Mr. & Mrs. William Mason

Mrs. Ruth C. Matthews

Dr. & Mrs. William NcNeiland

Ms. Ann Merwin

Dr. & Mrs. John Morello

Ms. Loree Mueller

Mrs. Ann E. Nasrallah

Mr. & Mrs. Goetz E. Neubauer

Mrs. Dominique Pajaro-van De Stadt

Mrs. Elizabeth Papenbrock

Mr. Christopher Rex

Dr. Marguerite Richardson

Dr. Mary K. Robinson

Drs. Todd Sack & Barbara Sharp Ms. Victoria Scarlett

Dr. Sharon Scholl

Mr. & Mrs. Tim Sheahan

Mr. & Mrs. Mark Shorstein

Mrs. Martha Skirven

Mr. D.J. Steere

Mr. & Mrs. David Steinmeyer

Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Swanson

Mrs. Cynthia Tanton

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Wallis

Mrs. Lorrin Watson

Mrs. Coralie C. Williams

Mrs. Bonita Wyke

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