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Music Camp and Festival Information

Happy 15th Anniversary! Prelude Chamber Music Festival in Jacksonville, Florida, has been teaching kids and adults the joy of chamber music since 2002.  The brainchild of Jacksonville Symphony violinist Jeanne Majors, the music camp has become an annual labor of love for her and the many local professional musicians who teach there.

Sign Up for music campPrelude Chamber Music Camp & Festival is open every June to strings students of all ages and to musicians of all levels of proficiency.  Each year about 100 students attend the 1-2 week summer music festival, and many receive generous scholarships.  Prelude’s alumni grow up with a greater appreciation for classical music, team work, and self-discipline. Some continue to pursue professional musical careers.

The camp is a main attraction for all ages in the Northeast Florida area. From beginners to master musicians, different tracks of small ensembles (usually 3-4 in an ensemble) are organized based on the participant registration, the instrument mix, skills, performance experience, maturity and other important small-ensemble considerations. Whether you have a pre-formed ensemble or want to be placed, there’s always a spot for you. Complementary small ensembles are carefully chosen by our organizers.

Each year funds are raised to foster outreach programs and to bring in more students who otherwise would not have had the means or the opportunity to experience music education in this inviting and well-organized environment that encourages students to move beyond current abilities and demonstrate their best.

Prelude Chamber Music Camp & Festival will be  June 12th – 19th, 2016, in Jacksonville, Florida. This is an incredible opportunity for students to learn from outstanding music professionals and teachers. Many of the instructors are also members of the Jacksonville Symphony. Special guest performances and instructors are invited to town to teach master classes on intensive topics such as interpretation, theory, composition and ensemble performance. The camp accepts all levels of musicians. In order to organize the students into tracks and levels that fit his/her current needs and abilities, each student auditions for placement. We also ask for teacher recommendations.

  • Registration opened Feb. 1st. Please complete your registration by April 1st. Note: At this time, we are still accepting applications for Prelude Chamber Music Camp & Festival through April 12th. We need your applications by then to be ready for Placement Auditions. We cannot guarantee a spot for you if you do not register by this date.
  • Placement Auditions are April 16th at Riverside Park United Methodist Church located at 819 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204. Note: For Prelude and Intensive Tracks – If you cannot be present for placement auditions on the scheduled date, you must email Jeanne Majors with a subject of Auditions. You will need to create a video audition and upload to YouTube (select Public so that we can view it, and send us the link by April 16th). Primary Track applicants are not required to participate in placement auditions.
Track Descriptions and Schedules

Registration/Application 2016

Camp Benefits

  • Outstanding experienced faculty
  • 4:1 (participant to coach) ratio
  • Structured and exploratory learning opportunities
  • Students may organize their own small ensemble or be assigned to an ensemble by our faculty who listens to a placement audition
  • Centrally located and convenient to our whole community
  • Provides opportunities to explore other aspects of music-making in our electives programs; Sign up for electives at placement audition
  • Performance opportunities for all participants during and after the festival sessions.
  • Partial and Full scholarships available by written request and review with camp application.

Pricing and Tuition:

  • Primary Track: $375 for the week. (Pay the deposit of $75 first by Apr 1st, then complete the tuition payment by June 1st.)
  • Prelude Track: $450 for the week. (Pay the deposit of $75 first by Apr 1st, then complete the tuition payment by June 1st.)
  • Intensive Track: $450 for the week. (Pay the deposit of $75 first by Apr 1st, then complete the tuition payment by June 1st.)
  • Discounts available for early payment in full. Pay $50 less than the full tuition price if you register by April 1st and pay in full by April 16th.
  • A late fee of $50 is due in addition to the $75 deposit if registration is received Apr 5th or later.
  • Cost includes tuition, music, festival t-shirt, insurance, snacks, drinks (lunch is not provided), special events, and Master Classes.
  • Go to Payment Processing to pay for your registration deposit and/or tuition for the Prelude Chamber Music Festival or mail-in payments. See contact us for our mailing address.
  • Financial assistance available on request. Please complete the financial assistance form for consideration.

A Message from our Director about this Summer’s Prelude Chamber Music Festival: 

Our special 15th season of Prelude Chamber Music will be June 12-19, 2016. For most of the week we will be at Riverside Park United Methodist Church and on Sunday, June 19, our final event will be at the Friday Musicale on Oak Street (just a couple of blocks from the church).

We will have an orientation event on Sunday afternoon, June 12 so we can meet our ensembles and get familiar with the schedule for the week. There will be special events each day that will feature faculty and alumni in performances. We plan to have some interesting electives for participants to explore. And you will all have generous time scheduled to rehearse with your ensembles during the week!

We are welcoming the Vega String Quartet back for a residency. All our students will participate in sessions with the Vega Quartet as well as be coached by our own faculty throughout the week. The Vega will perform in their own recital for all of us and the community on Thursday night, June 16 at 7 PM. This program (as all of our performances) will be free and open to the public. The Vega will give master classes and be a part of several other events during the week. There will be a concert on Saturday, June 18 at 11:30 AM where most of our students will perform with their small ensembles and also enjoy some special musical surprises!

The final concert on Sunday afternoon, June 19 will feature the Vega Quartet with those ensembles from the Intensive and Prelude Tracks who accomplished the most during their time with us and who are recommended by their coaches to be featured in the final event. A reception for everyone will follow the Friday Musicale concert.

We want each participant to have a very special and positive experience with us at Prelude Chamber Music. If you can arrange to come with a preformed ensemble, we recommend that highly! It can be a trio, quartet, or even perhaps a bit larger group. Let us know early, if that is an option for you….because our local faculty will be available to help you in April and May (they will be assigned to you and can coach you several times prior to camp…at no extra cost to you!). We hope this extra offer from us will be something many of you will want to take advantage of!

Registration deadlines for preformed ensembles and individuals will be April 1, 2016…so we can assign each group or individual to an audition on April 16 (or receive a video audition from you by then) and get some groups scheduled to work with a coach in April and May. Individuals may have to wait until June 12 to begin to work with his or her assigned ensemble. Tell your teachers about Prelude Chamber Music and maybe they can help you organize your own ensemble for this year.

Looking forward to a wonderful extended week of music-making in June….and hoping to hear from many of you soon!

Jeanne Majors


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