• 004Prelude Chamber Music Camp Festival 2014 photos
Thank you for the 2014 photos Mrs. Remmer! A mother of two of our campers, Mrs. Remmer has volunteered her time and photographs for Prelude Chamber Music Camp for several years running now. We enjoy looking through the galleries,  remembering the details and sharing with all our community, Patrons and Sponsors. Thank you from all of us at Prelude Chamber Music. We appreciate all you do for us.  
  • DSC_2292Prelude Chamber Music Camp Festival 2014, a collection of photos by Doug Hargett
Thank you, Doug Hargett, for your photos! Doug is a friend and patron of Prelude Chamber Music and has known Jeanne and others in Prelude for many years. He has helped photograph and do miscellaneous things for Prelude Chamber Music Camp. He also travels a lot in his R.V. now that he’s retired, so make sure you honk at him if you see him roaming the roads. Here’s a collection of his photos from Weeks 1 & 2 of Prelude Chamber Music Camp Festival 2014.

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  1. Just wanted to say how extraordinary these photos from 2014 are!
    Thank you to Mrs. Remmer and Mr. Hargett for your willingness to join us. You both capture the spirit of the campers and faculty so well! And to Heather Sheahan for her creative posting on our web site so that the world can see us….THANK YOU! Heather and her husband video recorded our student recitals, and hopefully some of that will be posted on Youtube or here on our web site as well soon!

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